HWA Story

In early February 2022, I was planning to design a heart shape in pixel art for Valentine’s Day 2022, but no matter how I draw I am not satisfied with the heart pixel art.

Suddenly I heard or thought in my mind “For Valentine’s Day not necessary heart, flower also can”.
I am a Christian, I believe GOD talks to us in many ways.

I know flowers, I work in my family garden nursery before so I know many kinds of flowers.

I started to sketch and draw flowers in the simplest form possible.

“One pixel cannot be a flower. 2 times 2 (2×2) pixels cannot be a flower but 3 times 3 (3×3) pixels CAN be a flower.”

I knew at that very moment, I have created the First World smallest Flower NFT in the World. I knew this will be a very special art.

The next step is to put color into these flowers. Another prompt of thinking comes to my mind. “Use real flower color”

I start to choose the color of flowers that I love like tulip, rose, sunflower, daisy, orchids, and many more. I also choose the color of the flower surrounding such as the sun, rain, moon, soil, sand, branches, water, leaf, dried flower, dried leaf, animals, insects, birds, and many others.

I put all these chosen colors into a computer algorithm and start to generate the flower.

From the computer, when I saw the “First” generated flower, I am so amazed. It is beautiful. Then the second flower and the third flower and so on, all are so beautiful.

After the computer generated all 9999 flowers, I look and look again and
felt so happy and excited because all the flowers generated are so beautiful.

I started to ask “Why are these generated flower colors are so beautiful?
I suddenly remember, that all these colors are the actual color of the real flowers and the surrounding color of this world, the REAL world we all live in :).

I started to think GOD is the artist. GOD is showing me to create these flowers using his choice of colors. I enjoy that very special moment.

Later on, I started to think of a nice name for this project.
I finally decided to name this flowers art project “HWA”.
HWA in my native language meant flowers.
And also part of my real name is HWA.

Flowers have played a very important role in all people’s cultures which symbolize LOVE, HOPE, JOY, and PEACE.

I hope HWA will continue to bring love, hope, joy, and peace to everyone.

World First smallest Flower NFT in Blockchain